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2 wins, 6 points, 322 bruises (27.03.2007)

The Adventures of Slam Dunk Davey

"Two wins, six points, 322 bruises"

Chester Filipinos 70, Wrexham Raiders 92
Welsh Basketball League

Wow those Filipino guys are wide!
Because of a querk in the fixtures, this game counted as two against a side we really should beat, but we hadn't pulled away after the first quarter and at the half way point they were three points in front, mainly beause of their huge number three who seemed to just bulldoze his way behind our zone defence.

After trying to make the zone defence work for three quarters and with the game still finely balanced, we changed and kept four men doing a zone defence, me staying one-on-one with the big fella and our point-guard James hanging back beyond the halfway line to stop them catching us on the break... They're not the tallest of people, but damn they're wide. I've still got the bruises from where the no.3 ran into me, backed into me and landed on me (I think he may have jumped up and down on me a few times as well for good measure), but it worked. James cut out their fast breaks, I managed to stop the big guy getting the ball so he only scored a couple and the other Raiders caught fire, scoring over 40 points in the last quarter.

Annoyingly the big guy camped out in our half looking for fast breaks, so I didn't get too near the basket in the second half and had to be content with another woeful six points!

If anyone wants a good laugh, I've borrowed a giant wooden Oscar from work which we had made for our Christmas parade float. I'm hoping this will give me a bit of practice at shooting over someone or cutting around them, but it don't half look silly playing against a giant gold Oscar behind an old cowshed...

...I found an old T shirt of Guy's in the shed so I've put that on it... it's very surreal. I thought of printing out a picture of Michael Jordan's face to put on it, but I'm worried being beaten at basketball by a piece of wood might be more than my already battered ego can stand.

Any idea's whose face I should use?

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