Friday, 28 September 2007

At Last a Win (08.03.2007)

The Adventures of Slam Dunk Davey

"Riding high on a one-game winning streak!"

Wrexham Raiders 79, Rhyl Pioneers 62
Welsh Basketball League

Phew... you could feel the relief at breaking the run of losses (we'd actually lost again since I last wrote), even against a team who were... well... a bit rubbish, but that made it even more important... if we'd lost to them that would have been bad! Still, it was only our defence that pulled us through, we're not exactly lighting up the scoreboard.
I could do with some advice from my sporty mates. I've hit a bit of a frustraiting period. With so many of our first teamers away, I've had a rare opportunity to see something of the court other than the bench, but the coach and captain have both had words with me, frustraited I'm not "stepping up" and scoring more points.

No-one can tell me how exactly you 'step-up' though. Despite working hard, I'm being swept along with the game rather than grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and have a real influence. It feels like there's a set of gears I'm not using and I've no idea how I get at them. Some of you guys must have come across something similar... send help!

This is easier than boring my mates individually, but if you don't want it just email 'BLOG-OFF' to david.lawson @

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