Friday, 28 September 2007

A Zen Guide to Basketball (20.03.2007)

The Adventures of Slam Dunk Davey

"A zen guide to basketball"

Wrexham Raiders 76, Hope 70
Welsh Basketball League

I didn't realise I could get worse.... blimey! Forget 'stepping-up'... last night I'm not sure I even 'turned-up!'

We got the win and the others played really well... if you ignore our shooting (...which come to think of it is pretty important)

Big thanks for the advice people gave me, there was some really good stuff which I'll defintiely be using, though my favourite was my zen guide to basketball from Surfing Buddah Chris, which was actually really useful. I don't know what you've been smoking over there in Iraq matey, but If I can just master that levitation business, it'll be slam dunks all the way. Keep the advice coming, it's much appreciated.

Oh yes... the game...Tried putting up more shots, but they seemed so rushed that I don't think I actually scored a single point. To make matters worse, I was hitting shots from all over the court in the warm up, so they were epecting more than a big fat ZERO. In the last quarter when the game was close, I just put my energy into defending and rebounding to set the others up.

With such a small squad at the moment, our runthroughs are done against imaginary oponents and all the rest of my shooting is done without anyone infront of me... I need a plan to get more practice at being defended. The only positive was a new role in the centre of defence, where I was a little bit small, but quick enough to turn them over a few times.

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