Friday, 28 September 2007

I Spy Another Beating (23.02.2007)

The Adventures of Slam Dunk Davey

"WANTED: 70's platform shoes (8inch high or over) suitable for basketball, ring Dave on 01691..."

Hope Lions 90 v Wrexham Raiders 82 Welsh Basketball League

I spy with my little eye, something that looks like another flippin' beating...!

With a couple of our Wrexham team's big name players back for this game I thought Big George and I were destined for the bench again and packed myself a cushion and a magazine, but surprisingly they let us start the game. Settled in with a couple of easy baskets and got into a nice rhythm, but old George was getting shoved around... I didn't even know you could move the guy without a forklift!

They brought us off after the first quarter off and replaced us with the big-guns, but for some reason things didn't click and the missed shots turned into turnovers. While we waited on the bench, George and I decided once we got back on, none of their team was going to touch the ball again - we were going to get to every rebound!

Okay so maybe we didn't get every rebound, but between us we dominated the boards at both ends, and ended up leading the game for rebounds. That meant the others could claw back the difference, but we ran out of time before we could catch them... I've decided losing sucks, so for Monday's game we're going to try winning instead.'

In other good news, had some sponsorship from the Sports Council who have paid for some new basketball shoes and moved up three places from 45th to 42nd in the league for scoring... at this rate should be in the top 25 by my 60th birthday!

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